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Civil Litigation

Sometimes, involvement in litigation is inevitable. You are named as a defendant after an accident. You have tenants who refuse to pay their rent. You have entered into a contract and the other side refuses to perform as agreed. You were paid by a person who subsequently filed bankruptcy and the Trustee now wants the money back.

Civil Litigation

Experienced Trial Attorneys

When civil litigation happens, you need an experienced attorney who not only knows the law but can also be a strong advocate on your behalf. The attorneys at Damon, Ver Merris, Boyko & Witte, PLC have years of experience practicing in virtually all of the state courts in western Michigan as well as federal and appellate courts, including Bankruptcy Court. While you may think you can handle the matter yourself, failure to engage an experienced trial attorney to protect your rights may be the worst mistake you make.

Over the years, we have successfully litigated literally hundreds of cases on behalf of clients in commercial matters, divorce, collections, bankruptcy, real estate disputes, probate, and other areas of the law. We also have extensive experience in mediation, arbitration, and other means to facilitate an amicable settlement between the parties involved.

Should you be dragged into litigation or otherwise have to take action to assert your rights, please contact the attorneys at Damon, Ver Merris, Boyko & Witte, PLC. We are here to help.

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