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Getting stopped and arrested for drunk driving is only the beginning of a long process that can result in a driver’s license suspension or revocation, or even jail time. At Damon, Ver Merris, Boyko & Witte, PLC, we are committed to providing honest legal advice and representation to people charged with drunk driving. For DUI / OWI defense, contact our office or call 616-975-9951 / 877-975-9951.

Honest DUI Defense Attorneys

Being stopped, arrested, and charged with drinking and driving can be a confusing experience. For many people, it is their first involvement with the legal system, and many people assume there is no way to fight a drunk driving charge. This is not true.

The attorney you select to handle your DUI case is very important. Our lawyers understand how to evaluate the evidence in drunk driving cases:


Was the DatamaSTER (breathalyzer) administered correctly and properly certified?


What were the circumstances surrounding the arrest?


Was blood alcohol content (BAC) accurately tested?

These and any number of questions should be asked in a drunk driving defense case. We know when to fight a charge and when to try to minimize the consequences of a plea or conviction.

Do you have a suspended license due to a DUI conviction? Find out more about license restorations.

Multiple DUI Offenses

Multiple drunk driving convictions result in increased criminal and civil penalties:

A first offense can result in:


Jail time of up to 93 days or more


Six months of license suspension, including no driving of any kind for the first 30 day

Multiple offenses can result in:


Five or more years in prison


Revocation of license

In all OUI/DUI/OUIL cases, where proper legal procedures were followed, our objective is to reduce the charges against our client to prevent the harsh penalties associated with multiple OUI/DUI/OUIL charges.

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