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Divorce Litigation and Alternatives to Litigation

Divorce is complex. Few people entering into a marriage fully understand the complex legal ties involved in what amounts to a marriage contract. At Damon, Ver Merris, Boyko & Witte, PLC, we have extensive experience helping people contemplating divorce, as well as those served with divorce papers, understand the legal issues involved in a divorce.

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Divorce Litigation

Experienced Divorce Attorneys

Our attorneys are well versed and very capable of handling your matter either by aggressively representing you in court through the litigation process or by assisting you in attempting to reach agreements through mediation/arbitration or some other form of collaborative process. Throughout Michigan it is generally the focus of both the courts and experienced divorce attorneys to attempt to resolve cases without the cost and loss of time involved in litigation. To avoid divorce litigation, the parties are encouraged to participate in mediation/arbitration or other collaborative processes. Our attorneys are very experienced in dealing with all of these areas and work with our clients toward achieving agreements without the added aggravation and expense of resolving disputes in the court. Our attorneys help our clients work hard toward mediated divorce agreements.

Bringing a Case to Court When Necessary

Our objective in any divorce is to minimize its effects on our clients and their children. We strive to help our clients reach mediated divorce agreements using a variety of methods short of litigation. However, we recognize that divorce-related issues are often very contentious. When divorce litigation is necessary, our divorce attorneys have the skill and experience needed to effectively represent our clients’ best interests.

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