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Free Child Support Calculator

by | Mar 29, 2017

The Department of Health and Human Services provides a free Child Support Calculator on the Web.

This calculator is available to anyone to access and plug numbers in the numerous variables to determine an appropriate Child Support amount.

In determining the support level you must be meticulous about following the steps as laid out.  The information required would include the parties’ incomes, tax filing status, any medical or health insurance costs, the birth date of each child and the precise number of overnights that each child spends with each parent.

Included in the guideline formula is the determination of the ordinary and extraordinary medical expenses and assignment of shares to each of the parties.

For some income earners, it may be complicated to determine an appropriate income which has been mentioned in an earlier blog about the 2017 changes to the Child Support Formula.  It also may require review and use of the Michigan Child Support Formula Manual mentioned in a previous blog and available at:


If you have a case involving alimony, that calculation should be incorporated in the determination of Child Support as it will have some impact.

Some things that are not included in the Child Support calculation are the expense of extracurricular activities such as sport teams and the like and any tuition that may be paid for a child.  The parties should attempt to achieve agreements on which of them will be responsible for these costs and the agreed to or appropriate sharing of these types of expenses.  In the event an agreement is not possible, it may be necessary for the court to make an Order about these matters.

Should you have questions about calculating Child Support and wish to discuss your situation, please contact the law firm of Damon, Ver Merris, Boyko & Witte, PLC to speak to one of our Grand Rapids Divorce Attorneys.  We are here to help. – Curtis R. Witte / March 29, 2017

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