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Post-Judgement Modifications

Divorce is complex. Few people entering into a marriage fully understand the complex legal ties involved in what amounts to a marriage contract. At Damon, Ver Merris, Boyko & Witte, PLC, we have extensive experience helping people contemplating divorce, as well as those served with divorce papers, understand the legal issues of post-judgement modifications involved in a divorce.

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Post-Judgement Modifications

Post-Judgement Modifications – Protecting Children’s Interests

Our attorneys are well versed in handling all matters of dispute involving children and implementation of the court’s orders. Any order involving a child is subject to modification based on change in circumstance. This includes custody, parenting time, and child support. Our attorneys are experienced in handling these types of matters involving changes that occur in peoples’ lives, causing a need to change prior orders of the court. In addition to post-judgement modifications, our attorneys are also well versed in enforcing other terms of judgments and agreements of the parties through use of the courts, when necessary.

Post-Judgement Modifications

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